Tracey Leonard

I have had the pleasure of working with Lorrie and American Signing Connection for five years, as one of our primary closing vendors. I continued to be impressed with her positive attitude, loyalty, adaptability to change and her work ethic. Her and her staff were very easy to work with. Handles complicated situations beautifully. I have never had any issues with their service, and they are more than willing to work with you on any request that you may have.


Norman Riffner
I have worked with Lorrie since 2003 at Express Financial Services. Lorrie is an excellent relationship builder as well as service provider. These attributes have enabled her to foster and maintain long term mutual business relationship.


Annette M.
Lorrie, Owned a Top-Knotch Signing Agent Company. I worked for Lorrie for many years. Lorrie treated all clients and Agents with respect. Lorrie, being a CEO of a company, with Integrity, I highly recommend her to anyone, who needs her advice or services.


James Kobleur
Owner, James R. Kobleur, P.C.
I like receiving calls from Lorrie and her people at ASC because they are always professional and pleasant. They know the business inside and out and understand what I need to do a good job. ASC is a top notch organization and Lorrie is a wonderful person to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Dante Petrella
First VP National Sales @ Service 1st Valuation & Settlement Services
I had the pleasure of utilizing Lorrie’s services while at Express Financial Services. many of my clients at the time had their loans closed by American Signing Connection and we had very good feedback about the borrowers satisfaction and their closing experience. I would use Lorries’ services any chance I could and would recommend her and her company to get the job done!!


Carl Chan
General Gounsel at WS, Inc.
I have worked with American Signing Connection since 2005 and have a great working relationship together. ASC is a well run company. You can tell that her workers enjoy working with her. Lorrie is a savvy but fair-minded business person who has been able to steer her company through the hectice good times and rough bad times of the loan refinance industry. She will be a great business partner for anyone wishing to use her services. I highly recommend that you do so


Paige Prescott
PEP Title Agency, LLC

Let me take a moment to address the professionalism and competency of American Signing Connection. We have been using American Signing Connection for the past two years and they are a pleasure to work with. The company has always been very prompt, courteous and very impressive in addressing all of our needs for Notaries and Attorneys, nationwide. They work very diligently and always follow through to see that every closing has been completed. I highly recommend using American Signing Connection. They never disappoint.


Lyndsey Rabon
Digital Marketing Strategist | Global

Lorrie is genuinely dedicated to providing superior customer service to her clients without compromising ethical and moral integrity. These same principles are applied to develop an inspired staff. Her organization’s culture is more than a reflection of Lorrie…it is an extension of herself.